Fairgate Car Wash
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Fairgate self serve car wash provides a solution to many needs of the community:

* All types of vehicles can be washed and cleaned at this facility. Fairgate is located on a one acre parcel of land, which allows trucks and vehicles with trailers to enter and exit comfortably. Owners of the largest RV's also have few restrictions in the truck bay.

* Bill changers are available to convert currency to quarters. Fairgate Car Wash does not use tokens in any of the equipment. In addition to washing and vacuuming equipment, customers can purchase: drying towels, cleaning supplies, vinyl dressing from Armorall, and air fresheners.

* Children and pets enjoy our off road location and grassy fields. Traffic on the property is limited to customer use and most days offer relatively peaceful surroundings for leisurely automobile cleaning.

* The facilities are visited multiple times during the day for lot maintenance and inspection of equipment.

* Loitering is discouraged and loud music is not permitted when others are in attendance.

* This is a family friendly environment.
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